Roadsafe Pothole Filler


High Performance Cold Asphalt Pothole Filler and Road repair.
For the instant repair of potholes and road surfaces.

Self-priming, no tack coat required.
No preparation of damaged areas is required before application.
Small areas – light compaction can be left for traffic to compact.
Large areas bigger than 1m2 require compaction.
Long shelf life, in excess of 12 months.
Used in extraordinary climatic conditions, ie. extreme heat as well as rain and snow.
After repairs, roads can immediately be opened to traffic.
No Shrinkage.
Used to repair any type of road surface, eg. concrete, bricks and asphalt surfaces.
No cracks around the repaired areas, unlike other hot or cold asphalt products, which must be treated with an emulsion to keep water out.
No heat is required in the manufacturing process.
Available in 25kg and 40kg bags
Premium Quality product only.